Jackie's Screenplay

scu chip day
Its a warm, sunny Tuesday afternoon in Santa Clara, CA.

Buck Shaw Stadium is filled by Santa Clara University's freshman class.

It is quiet and most of the students are keeping to themselves, reading or doing school work.
Section by section, students make their way onto the field. They split up into lines which lead into 4 large white tents on the field. Inside the tents, nurses are inserting chips in the back of each student's hand. They are the first class to have this done at Santa Clara.

BELLA, a skinny girl wearing bright colors, and her best friend TREY, a muscular guy in a shirt that is a little too small for his frame, are in a side corner section. They look forward as they whisper to one another.

BELLA(whispering to trey)

I just don't feel right about this. How can they put chips in us? I like my hand just how it is now!

I know I don't like it either, but you know we have to if we want to keep going here. We just have to do it Bella. It's just going to make sure we're on campus when we're supposed to be, ya know?

Trey pauses, trying to reasure himself.


My mom read and signed the wavier, she said it sounded harmless, she said it would protect us.
Another student sitting a row ahead of the two looks back at them.

Trey (cont'd) (his voice gets a little quieter)

Plus, remember what happened to the guy over at Stanford who refused to get chipped?
Bella and Trey almost look at one another, but then remember that all students were told to keep to themselves until after they were chipped.

Both of their facial expressions become worried as they remember hearing about a couple students at Stanford disappearing after they didn't follow the new chipping policy Stanford had instituted, a few weeks earlier.

The line nears the section Trey and Bella are sitting in.


Lets Google it at least, I just gotta know a little more about it.

Trey pulls out his phone and gets on a hidden student search engine. He searches, "chipping students in universities." In the results section, lots of student forums pop up. He clicks one.

His face goes completely blank as he reads.

TREY(he tries to whisper, but can't help speaking in his regular voice.)

You have to look at this Bella!
She grabs the phone and looks at the page on which countless students describe a complete personality change in their friends after they were chipped.

Bella and Trey finally give in, and look at one another.


I thought these chips were just to make sure we were going to class and not getting into trouble and stuff! To make sure schools aren't helping terrorists get smart!

I told you I thought something was funny! I didn't like it when the they started tracking our Amtrak and BART rides, ya I know they are just trying to protect us from another attack but after all of the stuff they are doing.. now they are going crazy now! They are brainwashing us! You aren't going to let them do that to you, are you?

Just then, Trey grabs his backpack in one hand and pulls Bella to her feet with his other hand. He practically drags her behind a tree located just a few feet from where they are sitting.

BELLA(gasps, surprised Trey actually listened to her)

What are you doing?!

I'm not going to let them change us! Whoever is doing this… I'm not going to let them limit my thoughts and freedoms and all that stuff!


Don't you think they'll know we didn't get chipped. Isn't that like the whole point!- they do this so they know where we are..


Okay, you go back and get chipped. Then you'll be happy and they will be happy 'cuz you wont be any trouble to (them.)

BELLA(cutting trey off before he could finish)

Well what do you suggest we do?


Remember hearing about the kid who spread the Xnet around to everybody?

Bella nods, with a look on her face like, everybody heard about that kid.


Well, I got some buddies over at SF State, and I think I can get in contact with him to see what we should do.

Bella nods again, and the two sneak under and fence, down the small incline away from the stadium to the street.

BELLA(clearing her throat, as she can finally speak in her normal voice)

Wanna just hang in my room until we figure it out?


Yeah that sounds cool.
They head over to Bella's dorm room on the other side of campus.


Do you think anybody can tell were freshmen? Do you think they know were not still in Buck Shaw?

No, and no. (she replied, as she hastened her steps)

As they arrive at her building, she attempts to swipe her Access card as she always does to get in, but the card swipper isn't there anymore. Instead there is a small black sensor on the wall.

They both look at the door, the sensor, and then they look at each other.


We gotta get out of here! They'll definitely know we're not chipped! We can't even get into our own buildings.

Maybe we should head up to Frisco so we can meet up with that Xnet guy…


It's the only thing we can do right? we can't go back now…. they're probably done chipping everybody by now.

They start walking towards the Amtrak station.

They walk a few yards until they see 5 men in suits walking toward them. Bella and Trey stop walking and they hold hands.

The men grab them and put bags over their heads. They are in complete darkness.

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