Jennifer's Screenplay

It is a normal spring day at Santa Clara University. Students are walking in and around the Library. The camera slowly pans across the exterior of the library, showing many students using various forms of technology, such as laptops, iPods, cellular phones and portable DVD players.

BLAZE: (voice over) What you are witnessing is a normal day at Santa Clara University. I like to think of myself as an average college kid who just happens to be a little more technologically savvy than the other students. This is the story of how my life suddenly got turned upside down. From this day forward, nothing would ever be the same for me again.

The camera cuts to BLAZE, a second year student at SCU, who is standing with his two friends ARTHUR and DAMIAN in the entryway.

Cut to the background behind the boys, where there is a huge explosion from behind the SUNSTREAM CAFE. Coffee cups and grains are flying everywhere as a mass confusion erupts. Cut to BLAZE ducking as a table comes hurtling towards him.
BLAZE: Head in the opposite direction! Too many people are heading that way, we’ll never get out of here to safety!

Cut to BLAZE running in the opposite direction of the crowds. Sirens wail in the distance. BLAZE drops his laptop to make running easier. As he is running, he pulls out his iPhone and is grabbed from behind.

CLOSE UP of BLAZE being blindfolded and thrown into the back of an unmarked white van by unseen captors. BLAZE hits his head on the floor and the screen fades to black. Camera cuts to external shot of van driving across countryside. Cut to BLAZE being yanked from the van and thrown into an all-white interrogation room. BLAZE regains consciousness. Camera slowly pans across the room to three military officers. Camera zooms in on a close up of the table in front of BLAZE. Slowly pans across the table’s items: his iPod, iPhone and the laptop.

BLAZE: (getting to his feet) I need to know what is going on here!

MILITARY OFFICER: (pushing Blaze into a chair) Sit down.

BLAZE: What’s going on?
MILITARY OFFICER: A terrorist attack just took place in the Harrington Learning Commons at Santa Clara University. We see a suspicious individual, Blaze Marcus Thompson, among others, running in the opposite direction of the crowds. Now, how did you plant the bomb?

BLAZE: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was just there meeting some friends before class and suddenly a bomb went off! I wanted to get away from the area as soon as possible, so I ran.

MILITARY OFFICER: Explain why you dropped your laptop.

BLAZE: I dropped it so I could get away faster.

MILITARY OFFICER: We need you to cooperate, and tell us how you planted the bomb and the password to the computer.

BLAZE: No! That’s my personal laptop! I demand to be read my rights, and for an attorney to be here. I refuse to do anything without an attorney present.
MILITARY OFFICER: Okay, well if that’s how you want to do this…

CAMERA follows MILITARY OFFICER 1 as he walks over to a pair of darkened windows. MILITARY OFFICER 1 flicks the switch over one of the windows; camera cuts to a spotlight revealing ARTHUR, ELLEN and DAMIAN, sitting in chairs on opposite ends of the room.
The camera cuts to BLAZE abruptly standing up, his eyes wide with shock. BLAZE runs to the window and points at the figures he sees in the window.

MILITARY OFFICER: We apprehended them at the same time that we caught you, Blaze! You have now forced us to turn to desperate measures.

BLAZE: Ellen! That’s my girlfriend! Why do you have her?

MILITARY OFFICER: We told you that we would resort to desperate measures to get you to cooperate with us.

BLAZE: No, stop!

MILITARY OFFICER 1: If we stop, will you unlock your laptop?

BLAZE: Yes, I’ll do anything. Just stop hurting them!

CUT TO the door to the interrogation room crashes open and a squad of SWAT officers burst through the door. Close up on the weapons that are pointed directly at MILITARY OFFICER 1 and BLAZE.

SWAT OFFICER: Special Weapons and Tactics Force! This is a bust on the Department of Homeland Security!

MILITARY OFFICER 1: We are a legitimate government operation, assigned to eradicate terrorism!

SWAT OFFICER: You are holding these college students against their will! They have done nothing wrong. (turns to BLAZE) Son, are you okay?

BLAZE: (clearly shaken) No, I’m not…I don’t think I ever really will be… I don’t understand what has gone on, and I don’t think I ever will…My friends! Will they be okay?

SWAT OFFICER: Let’s go see.

CAMERA follows BLAZE and the SWAT Team as they rush to another door. CLOSE UP on the door as The SWAT team knocks the door down and BLAZE rushes in. CAMERA close up of BLAZE deeply embracing ELLEN.

BLAZE: (face bent into ELLEN’s hair) It’s over, Ellen. It’s okay, its all finally over.

The Camera stays focused on BLAZE embracing ELLEN for approximately 30 more seconds and slowly widens the frame to include the entire room. The Camera slowly fades to black.

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