Marco's Screenplay

Fitted for the BIG screen…

Marco Lostaunau S.

“The faceless, eyeless armed man above me kept his gun very level. I didn’t even breathe. Van was screaming something and Jolu was shouting and I looked at them for a second and that was when someone put a coarse sack over my head and cinched it tight around my windpipe, so quick and so fiercely I barely had time to gasp before it was locked on me. I was pushed roughly but dispassionately onto my stomach and something went twice around my wrists and then tightened up as well, feeling like baling wire and biting cruelly. I cried out and my own voice was muffled by the hood” (Doctorow 40).

Darryl: Where am I?

Male Voice: You are safe, in a secure place; no one will hurt you now.

Darryl: Who is that?

Male Voice: You must rest now, for there is much to see in the morrow. You must gather the bits of energy left in your aching body to exist, to be. Rest now.

Daryl: Van! Jolu! Marcus! Where are you guys, cof. Cof. Cof.

Daryl is silenced by the blood pouring out of his longs. His eyes try to see into the distance but the dark silence of the walls is all he can see or hear. Tears rolling down his cheeks, he goes into a deep sleep.

Male Voice: Wake up son, you are better now. So healthy and red

Daryl: Who are you? Where are we? What happ…

Male Voice: I know you have many questions, but first I need you to come in peace with yourself, you must search for the truth, its only through enlightenment that you can leave the shadows of this cave, and enter the world that awaits you.

Daryl: What the fuck are you talking about man! Jesus Christ what kind of perv are you HELP! HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!

Male Voice: You must search within, to understand what is without, in order to recognize enlightenment.

Daryl realizes his hands are chained to the bed frame he is lying on. He tries to see through the darkness but fails miserably. His instincts cannot reveal anything, pitch darkness; he can only feel the soggy yet hard surfaces he was laid on top of. In his anguish and despair he looses sense of time and reality. He no longer knows how much time has passed, he becomes and idea, a fragment of his mind’s imagination. He no longer existed; it was as if he was no more than a mere thought. Daryl awakens.

Male Voice: Daryl you have lost sense of time and your body has become a memory. Your hands and feet have been freed, but within this world you shall remain. You have not yet come to terms with yourself, since you do not know what happened to you as the self, in time you shall discover it.

Daryl: Who are you? What is this place? What happened I need to know? Is Van okay!? Please let me out of here I need to see my parents, please!

Male Voice: In time my child, everything in time

And time passed, Daryl no longer knew the difference between a minuet and a month. He was a packet, he had lost his sense of touch, he no longer had arms or legs. It had been so long since he had gazed upon them, he no longer knew if he ever had arms or legs. But during this time in pitch black darkness he realized, he tried very hard to remember and eventually he could. He knew he was Daryl, he knew who his best friends where. But then confusion would strike again did he know who he was? Or did he not?

Male Voice: Daryl, it is time to remember, you have stopped viewing yourself as a person, a body with a soul. You have now accepted the fact that you are, a though, but the reason for this will be revealed.

Daryl: What do you mean? I have memories; the fact that I can’t see my body doesn’t mean I’m a fucking thought!

Male voice: It is true, we must now reveal and you must accept. I have waited and trained you; prepared you mind to accept what is coming.

Daryl: What do you mean? What are you talking about?

Male Voice: Walk to the light my child, regain the image of your body and let’s embark in the search for your truth! Walk to the light and reveal to yourself to the truth.

Daryl, tries to walk towards the light, but he no longer remembers how to use his legs. He tries to remember how to move, how to breathe. And suddenly he is watching the light come closer to him, as if the light was running towards him. Was he running? He couldn’t tell, he did not know, was he moving, breathing? The light came closer it was bright shinny splendorous, it looked like reality, the truth. It is then when he fused with the light and was reborn, he could now see the images that darkness had kept away from his mind his memories everything seemed clear now.

Daryl: Where am I?

Male Voice: You have now earned the right to regain your body. You have been reborn into this room of light, and it is now where I must reveal the truth to you, we must go to your world, you must see some things.

Daryl: What are you? What is that on your face?

Male Voice: You cannot not see me in my true form, for it is not permitted. I must first make you understand, remember….

Voices started to echo through the room “Someone freaking stabbed him in the crowd, Christ that’s vicious” (Doctorow 38) “Take his head, Keep it elevated” (Doctorow 38), “Its ok buddy you just rest,” (Doctorow 38). Memories of painful past run through Daryl’s head.

Daryl: I was stabbed at the earthquake?!?! I remember now, I was stabbed and I couldn’t breathe. My shirt was stained in red I remember Van’s eyes, her eyes of fear, terror and love.

Male Voice: It is true my son, the truth is reaching your soul; you must come at ease with this. Understand the terms, and be one with yourself again I shall show you.

The clocked leads Darryl to the dark matter. It moved as if it were alive. It soon became a perfect circle within the center of the room, a perfect circle of dark shit. The figure begins to reveal images within its darkness. Daryl had to focus his eyes in order to see the images.

Male voice: Look into the reality of the matter, look into your own truth, understand and come to terms with that truth. YOUR REALITY!

Daryl: I can’t see anything its too dark!

Male Voice: Concentrate, focus, do not be distracted by the reflections created by the dark matter, but concentrate in the light within the dark matters reflections. It is only by casting the evil within my body I can bring the evil from your world.

Darryl: My eyes hurt, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking for, this shit is as thick and dark as oil, what am I supposed to see in this!?!?

But the pain grew in Daryl’s eyes he no longer could bear it; it was as if pepper spray was being poured directly on his eyes. The burned with envy, lust, sloth, gluttony, greed, wrath and pride. Light began to emerge from them, the purest, brightest light. With that the clocked figure grabbed his head and submerged it into the black matter.

Male Voice: It is time now my child, you must know the truth.

Within the black substances Darryl began to see, to acknowledge his past, he came to terms with death. With the brutal force of the clocked figure, Darryl’s entire body is submerged into the black matter, he is now in the reality where, individuals given the gift of life must face at one time or another.

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