John's Screenplay

Marcus and Ange sitting in Ange's room on the bed. Marcus is
lying down with his head in Ange's lap. It is a sunny day with
light coming through the window. Two Xbox Universals lay on
the floor hooked up to their monitors.
Ange: So have you checked your mail
lately, M1k3y?
He looks up at her.
Marcus: M1k3y huh? You know I
haven't been on it much since the
DHS threw in the towel and since
I've had to attend my Day release
In a mocking sort of tone
Ange: Well you wouldn't want your
loyal fans to think M1k3y had been
scared off by a little time in a
half-way house would you?
Marcus gives her a hard glare for a second, but it quickly
changes to a smile. He sits up and gives her a long kiss.
Marcus: Of course not! If M1k3y can
survive the DHS, I'm sure he can
handle a couple kids from his day
release program.
Marcus proceeds to grab his keyboard and begins typing. On the
screen a decent list of new emails are shown. One of them
reads Watashi insanity, come play!
Marcus: what?! Watashi insanity? I
assumed that after the Harajuku
madness incident no one would
attempt that again. But I guess the
game must have received a lot of
press after the Bay Bridge bombing.
Ange: Harajuku madness. That's that
clue finding game that you used to
play right?
Marcus turns back to face her.
Marcus: Ya, exactly. Before the
bombing Darryl, Van, Jolu and I
used to sneak out of school to try
and find these clues. We wanted to
win a trip to Japan, but you saw
how that turned out. Instead of
going to Japan we ended up at
Treasure Island.
Marcus sits still, seemingly lost in thought, hunched over
slightly. Ange bends down to look at his face.
Ange: We should play Marcus. If we
let the reminder scare us into not
playing then the terrorists have
Marcus straightens up and smiles a bit.
Ange: Come on! You know you want
Ange slugs him playfully in the arm.
Marcus: Ya you're right. But we go
on one condition. We gotta call up
my team. For old time sake.
Ange smiles at him suggestively and gives a warm kiss on the
cheek. Marcus smiles back and spins around and opens up the
email. He reads the text gathering the location and clue from
the screen and types the information into his phone. Ange
slides over to sit behind him, her legs wrapping around him.
She rests her head against the back of his neck. Marcus then
dials a number on his phone and puts it to his ear. A voice
can be heard briefly on the other end of the line.
Marcus: Hey Darryl! How ya been
More sound comes from the other side.
Marcus: Great! Well hey, I was
thinking, there's this new game
Watashi insanity. It's like a
remake of Harajuku madness, but its
put on by a different group. I
thought it would be great to get
the team together again. You in?
Some silence, then Darryl's voice can be heard again. Marcus
frowns a bit after hearing it.
Marcus: Hey Darryl, its cool, I
understand man. Give me a ring
later. C ya buddy.
Ange: He doesn't wanna play does
Ange picks her head up and looks at Marcus from the back.
Marcus: He said that he was busy,
but I think he just really didn't
want to play. Poor Darryl.
Ange: Give Jolu a call. And well,
you had better call Van too so that
Jolu doesn't feel like a third
Marcus rotates his body so that he can look at Ange. He smiles
at her and gives her another kiss. He then turns back around
and dials another number on his phone. This time Jolu's voice
can be heard on the other end.
Marcus: Hey Jolu, its Marcus.
More incomprehensible speech.
Marcus: I was just going through
M1k3y's email and I found an invite
to join a new ARG. This one is
called Watashi insanity. It sounds
pretty fun. You in?
Some excited speech is heard, followed by Jolu speaking a bit
more quietly.
Marcus: Ya I know. I talked to
Darryl already and he didn't seem
to up on going. Hey do you mind
calling Van? I think maybe that
would go over the best.
Jolu says a few more words.
Marcus: Alright, I appreciate it
Jolu. Meet you at Goat Hill Pizza.
C ya.
Marcus hangs up and turns around to face Ange. He takes her in
his arms and gives her a kiss.
Marcus: So you wanna grab a Mission
Street burrito on the way? Bring a
little hot sauce mister for the
Ange: Let's do it!
They kiss one more time and then both hop off of the bed and
get their shoes on. Marcus grabs his bag and puts into it his
Faraday pouch, his arphid cloner, and he searches around on
his phone before placing it into his pocket. They leave the
room and head out, making their way to Mission Street.
After leaving Goat Hill Pizza they group arrives at Nob Hill
where the game clue has taken them. Marcus gets out his
cell phone and begins to search for a signal while Ange
stand beside him holding his hand. Jolu and Van stand off
the side talking excitedly.
Marcus: The signal seems to be
coming from further up the hill.
Marcus nods his head, signaling to the rest of the group.
They all move along slowly up the hill at a leisurely pace.
After a block or two, Marcus freezes up and looks around.
Van makes a step towards him.
Van: Marcus, what's wrong?
Ange shoots Van a warning look. Van stares back at her for a
moment and turns back to Marcus. Marcus seems to be looking
around with a worried, almost paranoid look on his face. He
looks at Van, then Jolu and finally Ange.
I just realized I have been here
before. I was here when Masha led
me to the truck for our supposed
escape. We ran into Charles and
he tried to stop us.
Marcus chuckles to himself, his worried look turning to a
smile momentarily.
Marcus: Tried being the keyword.
I wish Darryl could have been
there for that one. He would have
enjoyed that, even if it was Masha
telling him off.
His look turns more serious as he looks down at his phone
Marcus: That's what has me worried.
It seems like such an odd
coincidence that the game would
take place so close to that spot.
Jolu walks over to him and claps him on the shoulder.
Jolu: Marcus, you're just being
paranoid man. You stopped the FHS
and you know that that woman is in
Iraq now. It's gonna be fine,
just like old times.
Ange: Ya Marcus, listen to Jolu.
Besides, Zeb is interested in
Masha now remember. I'm sure
she's totally gotten a better
attitude about everything now.
Ange gives him a sarcastic look and gives him a light shove.
Marcus turns towards them and offers a weak smile in return.
Marcus: Ya you guys are right.
Let's get going. We don't want
some other group to find the clue
before we do.
As they turn to march further up the hill Marcus fiddles with
his phone a little bit and takes out his arphid cloner. He
adjusts a few settings on the cloner and puts it in his
pocket. The group then walks from the main street to a
smaller alley way and steps in front of a nondescript
warehouse building.
Van: Is this it Marcus? It seems
a little bit random to be a spot
for a clue.
Jolu: Ya man. I agree with Van.
Why don't Van and I take a look
around one of the other buildings
and you guys can search around this
Marcus: Sure, just hollar if you
find anything.
Jolu and Van split off from Marcus and Ange and each group
begins their search of their respective buildings. Marcus
and Ange have barely begun to move towards the door when they
both perk up at the sound of a scream from further down the
Van: Marcus! Run for help!
There is a brief silence following Van's cry for help.
Marcus and Ange look at each other and break into a run
towards the place Jolu and Van last were. As they race
past a short row of buildings Marcus brings out his phone
and types in a short burst of numbers. They reach the spot
where they last saw Jolu and Van and they come to a stop.
Both of them look tense and are breathing hard from the
exertion. A moment later Masha steps into the alleyway in
front of Marcus and Ange. At the same time Severe Haircut
lady also appears, but behind the duo. Marcus and Ange
turn around to face her. Once they realize they are
trapped, Ange turns to face Masha.
Marcus: You're supposed to be in
Iraq serving our country. What
do you want from us? And where
are Jolu and Van?
Severe Haircut Lady: Ahhh Marcus,
don't worry they are safe. Did
you really think that you could
outsmart me? All I needed was an
opening, no matter how small, so
that I could make an escape.
Well, when they stationed me in
Iraq I couldn't ask for anything
sweeter. People disappear so
easily out there it's like they
never existed. So once I escaped
all I had to do was devise a plan
to lure you out here. I enlisted
the help of Masha here and well,
here you are.
Her face turns up into a wicked smile as she is speaking.
Masha stands at the ready, face devoid of emotion, behind
Marcus and Ange.
Marcus: Well this time you don't
have your crooked DHS crew with
you. This time it will be an even
playing field.
Severe Haircut Lady: I would'nt
count on it Marcus.
At this point Severe Haircut Lady pulls out a colt pistol,
gleaming black in the sun. Marcus' face goes pale and his
face shows clearly his fear. Ange turns her head slightly
to look. At this point Masha darts forward and grabs Ange,
blindsiding her. Masha wrestles her to the ground
forcefully, but without hurting her. Severe Haircut Lady
walks over to Marcus, slowly, but with confidence. She
comes within a foot of him, keeping the gun pointed on him
she comes to look him in the eyes. Marcus does not return
her stare and he begins to shake a little.
Severe Haircut Lady: Going to pee
in our pants for the third time are
Marcus doesn't respond, but instead he reaches his hand
slowly into his pocket. Ange's muffled cries can be heard
from behind. Marcus fumbles with something in his pocket for
about 5 seconds and then his hand remains still.
Severe Haircut Lady: Give me your
phone and all your other silly
little gadgets. Don't think I
don't know that you are up to
something. Maybe you have
toughened up a little bit since we
last met.
Marcus cautiously hands her his phone, arphid cloner, and
faraday pouch.
Severe Haircut Lady: Well since you
won't be needing your phone or this
device why don't we put this them
in this nifty little back of yours.
It's a faraday pouch isn't it?
Funny how your technology can be
turned against you isn't it Marcus?
Now no one can call you or locate
you. Perfect.
Severe Haircut Lady grabs Marcus by the shirt and shoves him
towards a warehouse building. Masha picks Ange up and easily
forces her towards the same spot. Masha releases Ange and
then moves to open the door. Once opened, Jolu's unconscious
body along with a gagged and tied Van can be seen on the
floor. Unbeknownst to Severe Haircut Lady and Masha, a SWAT
team in an armored vehicle is racing towards Nob Hill. Will
they make it in time?

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