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Networking from below--week 10. Discussion of what Juris calls "the self-generating network as an emerging political ideal." This new ideal emerges in the context of the policy & social values dilemma described by Castells, who says that we cannot take for granted that the massive structural transformations and human dislocations represented by the "network society" are an intrinsically superior or progressive set of changes. Rather, Castells asks, what policy _choices_ must we make after recognizing that this global tranformation is both "potentially destructive and potentially creative"? What policy choices need to be made in order to maximize creativity--in politics, education, production, development, and culture--while minimizing harm?
129by hilary titushilary titus
01 Jul 2009 06:14Jump!
Shaffer and Gee reading: The Mind as Simulator, Epistemic Games
4175by hilary titushilary titus
01 Jul 2009 07:20Jump!
Cybertariat=network technology + "proletariat" What are the new forms of inequality, exclusion, and exploitation?
146by cruizcruiz
29 May 2009 01:00Jump!
In your reading for this week, I've asked you to learn about the tension between notions of property (intellectual property, media ownership) and our hopes for a more democratic culture and society. Discuss some of those tensions and the resolutions here, referring back to the reading for the week. What are some of the tensions these groups and individuals see between property rights and other rights (to free expression, education, self-determination, equality, etc)? What resolutions do they propose? What are the strategies they employ? How do their strategies differ based on their circumstances? Do you see differences in each group's relationship to internet technology and culture? Do they have different visions of a better future?
156by franwikifranwiki
01 Jun 2009 02:13Jump!
In class discussion
45434by 15906641590664
12 Jun 2009 07:13Jump!

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