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Cybertariat=network technology + "proletariat" What are the new forms of inequality, exclusion, and exploitation?
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Conversation prompt for Week 8--Manuel Castells begins the short introductory essay with this observation, written some years in advance of the current financial crisis: "A considerable source of current disarray in social and economic policies stems from the lack of a common understanding of the processes of transformation under way, of their origins and their implications…. [A}fter having characterized technological innovation, organizational change and globalization, I will analyse the various dimensions of inequality and social exclusion, showing the depth of our social crisis." What does he mean by "our social crisis"? What forms of inequality and social exclusion is he describing, and how do they relate to technological innovation and technologically-enabled "organizational change"? What is the "common understanding" he is trying to help establish?
by: MarcBousquetMarcBousquet
12 May 2009 18:42
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29 May 2009 01:00 Jump!
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