Audrey's screenplay:


Quickly runs up to Liam in the hallway at school and pulls him aside

“Dude, look what I just got! Someone was just passing these cd’s around.”

Grabs cd out of nate’s hands and carefully examines it

“Nate, do you know what this is? It a cd for the ParnoidXnet! I’ve been hearing people talk about it.”

“Awesome! Let’s go over to my house and get it hooked up.”

Bell rings. The two boys rush out of the doors and get into a brand new, black BMW driven by Nate’s family driver.

“Good afternoon Mr. Nate and Mr. Liam, I trust you both had a good day at school?”

“Yeah, thanks Walter.”

Wispers to Liam: “Man, I swear, my parents have gotten a little too overprotective since the bridge exploded. No more public transportation for me…(looks at Walter)
“…I get Walter”

“Yeah, your life is sooo hard”

Cut to Nate’s penthouse apartment…pan the large living room with large flat-screen

“Ok, now let’s download this thing!”

A few seconds later

“Wow, this thing is amazing!” “It’s basically a whole world full of kids our age; no adults and no one to monitor us everywhere we go!” “FREEDOM!”

“I know, I’m getting pretty tired of all this surveillance!”
“I mean parents are bad enough.”
“Why don’t they just implant microchips into our arms like they do with our dogs and cats?” “Wouldn’t that be easier than investing in all these hidden cameras and gait recognition machines?”

“I wouldn’t put it past the DHS.”
“Hey Liam, check this out!”
“There’s an online forum, Open Revolution, lead by some guy named ‘M1k3y.’”

“Really? What’s he saying?”

Both Liam and Nate look at the computer. Camera shoots from behind them and zooms in towards the computer screen

“Dang it’s only been what, a couple weeks since the Bay Bridge bombing and this Xnet thing is already huge!”
“And this M1k3y guy is genius!”
“I mean listen to him,
‘The important thing about security systems isn’t how they work, it’s how they fail. Maybe all the automatic screening is supposed to catch terrorists. Maybe it will catch a terrorist sooner or later. The problem is that it catches _us_ too, even though we’re not doing anything wrong. The more people it catches, the more brittle it gets. If it catches too many people, it dies.’”

“What are you talking about?”
“Yeah, he really sounds like a genius, basically telling all of us to get ourselves arrested to kill the system.”
“Where do I sign up?”

“No, will you let me finish?”
“There’s more to this post!”
“M1k3y’s telling us how to create arphid cloners.”

“Arphid cloners, what do they do?”

“Apparently they allow you to take on the identity of other people.”
“By scanning a bunch of random people, everyone’s identities get screwed up, therefore creating mass chaos.”

“Woah, no way!”
“You’re right, this M1k3y guy is brilliant.”
“So how do we make one of these things?”

Points to the computer screen
“Well he gives the directions right here.”

“My parents won’t be home for a few hours, you want to run down the street and buy the stuff we need?”
“I’m perfectly game to help wreak havoc on this joke of a government we have right now!”

“Ok, so it looks like all we need is something called a ‘reader/writer’ from Radio Shack.”
“Come on let’s go!”

Nate and Liam quickly rush out the apartment doors and onto the street below. Flash forward to the next day…back at school.


Pulls Nate aside in the hallway

“So were you able to figure it out last night?”
“I have no idea what M1k3y’s talking about half the time.”

“I think so, but not too sure yet.”
“Let’s go back to my house to work on it some more.”

Later that day, at Nate’s apartment.

Opens the door to his apartment, throws his bag carelessly on the floor, and quickly grabs for his Xbox controller.

“Come on, let’s see what M1k3y said today!”

Nate and Liam eagerly rush to turn on the Xbox and get onto Open Revolution.

“Oh that’s awesome, look at all the other Xnetters that are already jamming!”
“It looks like his plan is working perfectly.”
“We need to finish these arphid cloners now!”

“Ok, ok, let’s see…oh, here’s the instructions.”

Fiddles with the two arphids and after a few minutes hands one to Liam.

“There, I think that should do the trick.”
“Wanna test it out?”

“Of course!”
“Oh wait, I don’t have a coat to hide this thing in.”

“No worries, my dad has a lot of trench coats.”
“Here take this one.”

Nate hands Liam a beige coat and takes a black on for himself.

“Alright, let’s get going!”

Nate and Liam put on the trench coats and awkwardly make their way out of the apartment, all the while giggling and smirking.

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